The Arbitration Center


Mediation is of interest to business executives, the business community, corporate lawyers and their counsel. By agreeing to mediation, they are essentially aimed at a procedure that allows a dispute to be settled quickly, discreetly, at a reasonable cost and impartially.

Within the International Alliance of lawyers and economists, a mediation and Arbitration Centre has been set up.

If the parties do not reach an agreement during the mediation procedure, they can always resort to arbitration by the International Alliance of Jurists and economists (AIJE).

The Centre shall have its seat in Lyon at the seat of the AIJE .

The AIJE mediation rules are designed to meet, as far as possible, the expectations of the parties before, during and after the proceedings.

The purpose of the Mediation Centre is to assist companies conducting international business transactions, in particular between the Russian Federation and EU countries, in resolving their conflicts through mediation.

The language of the mediation must be understood by the parties as necessary through an interpreter. The languages allowed are French, Russian and English. The Ombudsman must be able to speak in at least one of these languages. The costs of interpreting and / or translating documents shall be borne by the parties equally.


Reasons for choosing mediation

Mediation in many cases saves time and avoids legal proceedings. Court proceedings and waiting times are non-existent.

While an arbitration procedure lasts an average of 6 months to 1 year, mediation ends after a few meetings. Mediation is a fast track to reaching an agreement and is thus an alternative and reliable means of dispute resolution.

To the extent that, in mediation, the parties themselves reach an agreement, it can be considered that there are no losers. The mediation procedure offers the opportunity to find a future-oriented agreement rather than to strive, internally and vis-à-vis the other parties, to invest a lot of time and money

to overcome past difficulties. Mediation helps to maintain successful relationships by seeking to resolve conflicts amicably and in a manner that is acceptable to both parties.