The main goals of this association are:

  • to promote international cooperation in the field of law and economics.
  • To be a source of reflection and proposal for the evolution of legislations in the fields of international trade, contract law, the digital economy and competition.
  • To promote dialogue and cooperation between lawyers, economists and scientists from the European Union, the Russian Federation and Asia.
  • To organize seminars, colloquiums and trainings in the aforementioned fields,
  • To offer and organize alternative methods of settling disputes in the context of an arbitration and mediation center.
  • To publish works, publications, communications, reports, recommendations and newsletters in the aforementioned fields,
  • To organize the activities related to its objects and more generally to all operations that may relate directly or indirectly to the association’s object or that may facilitate its accomplishment or development.

The Association is apolitical.

Its duration is unlimited.

The main objectives of this association are:

  • Search for new research ideas to increase efficiency and expand the cultural diplomacy community in European and Asian countries;
  • Ensure continuity of the best traditions of centuries-old cultural dialogue between European states;
  • Mobilize the creative potential of forum participants to develop new meaning, strategies and methods of cultural diplomacy as a ‘soft power’ in the context of current threats and challenges;
  • Consolidate relevant public diplomacy efforts;
  • Establish a development strategy for a legal system based on the use of digital technologies;
  • Enhance culture partnership with organizations, national cultural associations, and diversify the forms of research collaboration for associations and unions in the sphere of law and economics in European and Asian states.