Partnership with the Association of Russian Diplomats and Russian-Asian Lawyers Association


The signing on April 5, 2019 of the co-chairs of the International Alliance Maria Egorova and Alain Duflot of a partnership agreement with the association of Russian diplomats represented by its president Igor Kalevinsky and the Russian-Asian lawyers association and its president Maxim Tafintsev,

These agreements are part of the prospects for expanding and intensifying the international relations of our association with Asia and Russia, developing joint initiatives for training, publishing and sharing experience.

A cooperation agreement with the Kutafin Moscow State Law University University


Подписание соглашения о сотрудничестве между Университетом имени О.Е. Кутафина и Международным союзом юристов и экономистов (Франция)

On February 22, 2019, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Kutafin Moscow State Law University University (MSAL) and the International Association of Lawyers and Economists (France).

The agreement was signed by Viktor Blazheev, Rector of the Moscow State Law University, and Alain Duflot, Co-President of the International Association of Lawyers and Economists (France), lecturer at the University Jean Moulin Lyon III (Lyon, France). According to the agreement, the main areas of cooperation include:

  • Exchange of information, analytic reviews, expert information;
  • Joint organization and holding of research and practical conferences, seminars, round tables and other events;
  • Conducting joint research events to expand opportunities and enforce the relations between the University and the International Association of Lawyers and Economists with foreign users;
  • information support, including the organized events on the official websites of the parties;
  • Joint preparation of research, practical, informative and analytical publications and articles.
The meeting was attended by Attachees of the Embassy of France Benjamin Danlos and Pascal Cauchy who also supported the urgent need for such agreement to be signed and expressed their hope for future fruitful cooperation of the French association with the leading legal university of Russia as well as the importance of developing Russian-French relationship in the domain of legal education, public projects and intercultural cooperation.

Meeting Embassy


On February 5, 2019, a meeting was held with the Co-President of the Association Maria Egorova and representatives of the French Embassy in Russia during the meeting with the legal and judicial Attaché. During the meeting, Maria Egorova and Mr. Benjamin Danlo discussed further forms of cooperation, in particular the involvement of French lawyers in educational and scientific detail in the Association, as well as joint scientific conferences and round tables with the Embassy of France in Russia.

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